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Fountain Solutions
All Star 5500.jpg

All Star 5500

One Step Fountain Solution With Calcium Inhibitors. Helps reduce contaminate build up on blankets and rollers. 

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All Star Fountain Solution.jpg

All Star

Fountain Solution

Replace high dosage 1 or 2 part fount and alcohol subs.

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All Star HL 200.jpg

All Star HL 200

Excellent wetting and viscosity building properties, reduces surface tension to the low 30's.

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All Star HUV.jpg

All Star HUV

The #1 choice for optimizing any HUV press with all HUV/LED inks.

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Four Star Fount.jpg

Four Star

Fountain Solution

Opens up tiny reverses and screens, enhancing trapping and drying. Inks will lay smoother on the sheet.

Litho Fount 555.jpg

Litho Fount 555

Lower solvency with increased lubrication helps assure reduced
paper and ink breakdown, minimizing the build up of

SA8 C Fount Solution.jpg


Fountain Solution

Contains high level of
desensitizing salts and gums ensure clean, consistent printing at all times.

Press Control CtP+.jpg

Press Control CtP+

Contains a balanced blend of the appropriate acid salt combination providing a stable pH in all waters with little or no drift.

Titan Elite.jpg

Titan Elite Fount

Extreme wetness, calcium inhibitors and new buffer systems allows a thinner film of water / fount to keep the plate clean without pulling extra paper coating.

All Star Ultra.jpg

All Star Ultra

Added wetting agents along with unique desensitizers provide prolonged plate and blanket cleanliness.


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Latitude DPM.jpg

Latitude DPM

Permits a stable ink / water balance to be achieved at lower ink and water settings.

Press Control EWM.jpg

Press Control EWM

Keeps plate background coated with a thicker water film to ensure stable water settings.



Permits a stable ink/water balance to be achieved at lower ink and water settings. Cleaner, sharper and brighter colors result, with no tinting.



Contains ingredients to neutralize calcium which can cause image blinding and shorten fountain solution life.



Contains multiple calcium carbonate neutralizers and surfactants and thickeners to keep the fount water surface tension low and thicker allowing plates to stay wet longer.

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