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Treatments / Aids
Anti Foam.jpg


Use for the reduction of excessive foaming in certain fountain solutions.

Anti OX II.jpg

Anti OX II

Use as an anti-skin spray for ink and to take the tack out of blankets prior to startup.

AQ Coating Shop Cleaner.jpg

AQ Coating


Thoroughly cleans water-based coating systems and units. Use it to remove ink from the press framework, floors, and other areas of the pressroom.

Blanket Conditioner.png



Deep cleans blankets while impregnating them with plasticizing agents.

Eliminator Hand Cleaner Treatments and Aids


Hand Cleaner

Made with organic scrubbers, emulsifiers, and conditioners. No Petroleum or dyes used!


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Fresh Start Spray Bottle.png

Fresh Start Power Mist

Stay open ink spray. Non Aerosol with a fine continuous mist.

Ink Repellant Treatments and Aids

Ink Repellant

Designed to reduce / eliminate the unwanted accumulation of ink on the impression cylinder.

Metal Plate Cleaner.jpg

Metal Plate Cleaner

Fountain Additive

Add into any acid based fountain solution to eliminate plugging problems and open up tiny reserves.

Microburst Systems Kleener Treatments and Aids

Microburst Systems Kleener Powder Step 1 & 2

Decontaminate fountain tanks, trays and recirculation lines.


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Mold Stop.jpg

Mold Stop

Contains biocides & special ingredients to eliminate and controlling the growth of mold and fungus in fountain solution tanks. 

Rescue Processor Cleaner.jpg

Rescue Processor


Low VOC / non corrosive, all in one fast, active cleaner. Removes build up and re-opens clogged lines.



A non-aerosol, anti friction spray formulated for use on cutter beds and in bindery areas.



Swell a low spot in the blanket surface back to printing height.

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Snap Back

Repair a blanket smash without marring the printing surface.

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Systems Kleener Powder Quart Set.jpg

System Kleener Powder Step 1 & 2

Formulated to eliminate the hazards of handling harsh solvents which are typical of most liquid cleaners.

Turbo Dry.jpg

Turbo Dry

Multi level ink dryer that is compatible with all oxidation / conventional drying inks. 

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Turbo Scrub HD.jpg

Turbo Scrub HD

Hand Cleaner

Fast acting, waterless hand cleaner formulated to effectively remove ink, grease, oil, grime, dirt and any other comtaminants.

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