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Fountain Solutions
Alcomi 3368 TE.jpg

Alcomi 3368 TE

Excellent protection for all non-image areas on plates. Fast clean-ups of plates on start-ups.

Alcomi 3368 Neutral TE.jpg

Alcomi 3368 Neutral TE

Quick plate clean ups on start-ups and start / stop. Excellent plate protection / wetting during print runs.

Alcomi 3368 News Fount TE.jpg

Alcomi 3368 News

Fount TE

Developed to reduce or eliminate oxidation on plates. Fast clean-ups of plates on start-ups and stop / starts.

Alcomi 3368K.jpg

Alcomi 3368K

High speed fount / fast start-ups, minimize paper waste. Contains corrosion inhibitors to protect press parts.

Dynafount Neutral Plus.jpg

Dynafount Neutral


Strongly buffered to maintain a neutral pH in all water conditions.

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