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Alcomi 3368 TE.jpg

Alcomi 3368 TE

Excellent protection for all non-image areas on plates.

Alcomi 3368 Neutral TE.jpg

Alcomi 3368 

Neutral TE 

Quick plate clean ups on start-ups and start / stop. Excellent plate protection / wetting during print runs.

Alcomi 3368 News Fount TE.jpg

Alcomi 3368 News

Fount TE

Reduced or eliminated oxidation risk on plates.

All Star Fount 2000 TE.jpg

All Star Fount

2000 TE

Excellent wetting and viscosity building properties, keeps dynamic surface tension low (lows 30s).

Green Fount 8068 TE.jpg

Green Fount

8068 TE

A premium sheet-fed fount to be used with all high-speed sheet-fed presses.

Allied Orange Wash.jpg

Orange Wash

Lifts and removes inks and other contaminants quickly, has a low odor, and with conventional use, is up to 50% water miscible.

Ultra AA Wash.jpg

Ultra AA Wash

Developed for automatic blanket cleaning systems. It lifts and removes inks and other contaminants quickly from blankets and rollers.

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