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Plate Care
Advantage XL.jpg

Advantage XL

Formulated for cleaning, light scratch removal and short term plate storage.

CTP-C Plate Cleaner.jpg


Plate Cleaner

A plate cleaner, desensitizer, scratch remover.


Dynamight CtP

Cleans plates, removes sensitive areas and is used for plate storage.

EC Plate Cleaner.jpg

EC Plate Cleaner

A fast acting, heavy duty UV ink plate cleaner. Providing ideal ingredients for quick cleaning, scratch removal and short term plate storage.

Hydro Image Plate Cleaner.jpg

Hydro Image

Plate Cleaner

Completely desensitize & remove ink from non-image area of the plate.

Watch Video Here

Imagen CTP.jpg

Imagen CTP

Cleans plates, treats plate sensitivity, and can be used for short term plate storage.

Metal Plate Cleaner.jpg

Metal Plate Cleaner

Fountain Additive

Add into any acid based fountain solution to eliminate plugging problems and open up tiny reserves.

On The Run Plate Cleaner.jpg

On The Run

Plate Cleaner

An acid based spray on plate cleaner developed for use on web presses.

PC 93.jpg

PC 93

Plate Cleaner

Containing a small amount of tiny spherical abrasives, a heavy-duty scratch remover and plate cleaner.

Plate Ace.jpg

Plate Ace

Removes the deepest scratches, clean and condition CTP Plates.

Plate Fix.jpg

Plate Fix

Super desensitizer and scratch remover developed to keep ink from returning to unwanted areas of the plate.



Plate Cleaner

Plate cleaner / desensitizer, heavy duty scratch remover, and short term storage gum.

Watch Video Here

UV-C Plate Cleaner.jpg


Plate Cleaner

Fast acting to lift and remove both energy curable & conventional inks.

Vanish Extra Strength.jpg


Extra Strength

Removes ink fast and condition the non-image area to stay water receptive. 

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