Fountain Dryer CF.jpg

Fountain Dryer CF

Cobalt Free Drier Additive for Fountain Solutions.

Hydro Lube.jpg

Hydro Lube

Lubricates, Thickens & Slows evaporation of Fount Water.

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Hydro Plus.jpg

Hydro Plus

Balance between the wetting and viscosity needed to successfully replace alcohol and keep water settings at a minimum.

Isopropyl Alcohol.jpg

Isopropyl Alcohol

Alcohol/IPA 99% is an additive used in fountain solution to lower the surface tension. This allows for a wetter solution allowing for more latitude.

Metal Plate Cleaner.jpg

Metal Plate Cleaner

Fountain Additive

Add into any acid based fountain solution to eliminate plugging problems and open up tiny reserves.

Titan Hydrowet V2.jpg

Titan Hydrowet V2

Alcohol substitute that provides a proper balance of wetting agents, solvency and viscosity.


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